Mangiare opened its first outlet in June 2000 and currently has two branches. Mangiare sells high quality, hot, Italian food, fast. To eat in or take away, at lunchtime, and at a price that compares with a sandwich lunch.

The particular inspiration behind Mangiare is the pizza-al-taglio sold throughout Italy as a simple, delicious and inexpensive lunch. “Pizza-al-taglio” translates as "cut pizza", as each customer’s portion is cut from a large rectangular tray.

Mangiare has refined this original generic Italian formula into a high quality Italian fast food concept for the UK, that meets the growing demand for fast, convenient, premium quality working lunches – and the desire for hot wholesome food.

Mangiare has brought restaurant quality to hot fast food. This is the revolutionary bit.

A unique rectangular box is the key to Mangiare’s ability to offer a single serving of pizza (as opposed to a conventional large round takeaway pizza) in a convenient takeaway form, and hence to make pizza suitable for a workday takeaway lunch for an individual.

But Mangiare pizza is not only fast. The company has successfully brought the highest food quality to fast food. Thus although the business is predominantly take-away, the food itself is superior to that offered by most of the high street pizza eat-in restaurant chains.

Only highest quality ingredients, usually sourced from Italy (eg extra virgin olive oil, smoked mozzarella, Italian sausage, butternut squash)

Food made on the premises

Dough is allowed to rise for twelve hours producing a lighter more digestible base

Baked in up to four stages to ensure each ingredient is perfectly cooked

Cooked freshly each day

Finished for each individual customer

Mangiare also offers a wide range of pasta with freshly cooked sauces, risotto, foccaccia, calzone, salads and a range of desserts and drinks.


The Italian Revolution - Good food fast

Pizza, pasta, risotto, calzone, focaccia and fresh serve yourself salads - all to take away

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